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Percussion Welder System
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We’re the creators of the Percussion Welder System, designed to give you a competitive edge and break all the rules of micro-welding. Our Percussion Welder system opens up a world of opportunity in your welding design as it can achieve complex welds that many other micro welding techniques cannot without risking the quality of the welds and optimal device design. We allow designers and engineers to use optimal materials and create new processes in mechanical design.

Percussion welding, also known as percussive arc welding, is a welding process that combines a heat generating micro arc with a mechanical “percussive” movement. This movement forces the arcing components together, resulting in the formation of a butt weld. The heat from the arc creates two molten interfaces, which fuse together to form a strong, durable weld that extinguishes the arc.

This micro – welding process is quick and controllable, making it an ideal choice for various industries, including the aerospace industry, automotive industry, medical industry, and electronics industry. Percussion welding delivers consistent, high-quality welds with little to no distortion that meet industry standards. 


Efficient And Reliable

One of the significant advantages of the percussion welding process is its speed and efficiency. The process is quick, making it a great choice for mass production and high-volume applications. Additionally, the process is controllable, allowing for precise and consistent welding results.

Percussion welding is also versatile and can be used to join different metals including aluminium, brass, copper, steel, and titanium materials, making it a valuable addition to any manufacturing process. The process results in low or non-detectable resistance of the weld joint, making it ideal for critical applications where strength and reliability are essential.

The Percussion Welder System consists of the 858 Percussion Welder and the Model 726 Bench Fixture.

  • The 858 Percussion Welder provides the energy and controls for making the percussion weld.
  • The Model 726 Bench Fixture holds the weld materials, provides the alignment mechanism, and applies the rapid motion required to forge the weld materials together.
  • An optional Percussion Weld Monitor provides capability to monitor and identify good/no good welds.

The Power of Percussion Welder

Dissimilar Metals

Create Direct Welds Between Dissimilar Metals, Capable Of Withstanding Shock, Vibration, And Temperature Extremes.

Percussion welding generates a minuscule heat-affected zone and low application of pressure, and there’s never a need to crimp and solder because you’re creating an autonomous weld.

Micro Wire Welder

Weld Without Reducing The Hardness Of The Metal, Increasing Resistance Or Introducing Incompatible Material.

Welds from percussion welding are strong. In pull tests, the wire often breaks before the weld does.

Process Development

Work with Us to Design Innovative Welding Solutions for a Variety of Material Combinations

The Percussion Welding System is designed to produce high-quality welds for a wide range of dissimilar materials. See our weld schedules page or contact us for more information.

ISO Certification
Quality Policy
MTI MicroWelding


MTI MicroWelding is committed to delivering quality Percussion Welders and services to meet or exceed client expectations and focusing on continued improvement in our processes. We accomplish this by monitoring our performance against our established objectives, identifying areas where we can improve our processes, and through management commitment and employee training.

Percussion Welding

Percussion Welding is the Future of Welding

With its speed, efficiency, versatility, and precision, it offers unique benefits that make it the ideal choice for various industries. If you’re looking for a welding solution that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations, contact us now to discuss your application.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Percussion Welder can use the same materials handling systems that other micro-welders use to transport and place small components. Give us a call; we can share many examples where Percussion Welder was successfully automated.
Most Percussion Welder applications involve one material with a diameter of .050” or less. The other material can be of equal size, smaller or larger. For example, you can butt weld two 18 AWG-stranded copper wires together, or butt weld an 18 AWG-stranded copper wire directly to a plate of stainless steel. Total design freedom.
Percussion Welder is easy to learn and intuitive to operate, but we do offer training courses that are custom-tailored to your specific applications. We won’t waste your time teaching you anything you won’t use, but we will give you all the information you need to be 100% successful, now and in the future.
You get everything you need to hit the ground running with Percussion Welder. The standard system includes two primary components, the 858 Percussion Welder and the 726 Bench Fixture. Because every project is different, we often work with our clients to create custom wire holders or jigs to accommodate unique part shapes.

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