858 Percussion Welder

The 858 Percussion Welder Micro Wire Welding Machine

There are many different options when it comes to resistance welding equipment. Under the category of resistance welding, OEMs and shops have the option to choose flash welding equipment, micro sport welding machines, or micro arc welding machine options.

The 858 Percussion Welder Front panel makes micro-welding simple with the advanced features any type of micro welding is possible.

858 Front Panel
858 Front Panel

Our Micro Wire Welding Machine Process

The Percussion Welder Model 858 is a top micro arc welding machine. It allows two wires of similar or dissimilar metals to be welded together quickly, efficiently, and with precision and control.

The Model 858 is the control system for the bench unit, and it offers precision adjustment for different metals, diameters of materials, and the specific current required for the process. This control over the micro welders equipment is user-friendly, with dial control over the actuator, delay, and weld energy voltage control.

The user can also adjust the mode, pulse, polarity, and capacitance for each weld using clearly marked switches on the panel. The system is ready to use upon arrival, and with intuitive operation, our micro spot welding machine is easy to integrate into any process.

Our mirco welding equipment is ideal for manual operation, but it is easily adaptive and integrated into automated production lines and processes. The Model 858 micro welding machine system comes with the Model 726 Bench Fixture and the optional Percussion Weld Monitor that tests welds for customizable good/no good quality control.

If you have any questions about our micro welding machines, or if you are struggling to find a micro welding solution, call us at 303-536-7838 or reach out to us online.

Adjustments & Features of the
Model 858 Front Panel

858 Front Panel

Actuator: The actuator setting
controls the charging voltage of the
capacitors that energize the
electromagnetic actuators. The range is
0 to 150 volts. The actuators move
the weldments together
during the welding process.

Delay: The delay is 0.5 to 5.0
milliseconds between actuator
initiation and discharge
of weld energy.

Weld: The weld energy voltage
control determines the charging
voltage applied to the
weld capacitors. The range
is 0 to 150 volts.

Mode: There are two mode settings,
regular and heavy-duty.
Heavy Duty adds an additional
bank of capacitors to
the weld output.

Pulse: The long / short pulse
width switch provides the
operator with pulse
width control. A long pulse
delivers less peak energy
for a long time
than a short pulse.

Polarity: Controls the direction of
weld energy electron flow.
The direction of electron flow
affects the amount of
heat applied to each weldment.

Capacitance: This setting controls the
amount of capacitance in the
weld output circuit. There
are three capacitance
ranges labeled 1, 2 and 3.



AC Input:

110-120 VAC 60 Hz 20 amp peak;

200~220 VAC 50~60 Hz 10 amp peak

Circuit Protection: 10 amp or 20 amp fuse  (see above)

Regular:          Bank 1       330 µF

Bank 2    1,830 µF

Bank 3    8,430 µF

Heavy Duty:    Bank 1  10,230µF

Bank 2  11,730µF

Bank 3  18,330µF

Bank voltage range: 0-150V
Repetition rate: Repetition rate
Timing Delay: 0.5 to 5.0 milliseconds
Triggering: Closed contact 15v
Polarity: Positive  or  Negative:  User Selectable
Actuator Energy: 0 to 30 Joules into 0.6 ohms
Actuator Speed:

0-33 in/per sec.


Cooling: Fan forced air

9”W    X   15”H   X   20”D

(229mm)   (381mm)   (508mm)

Weight: 35lb (16kg)

Operation so simple and intuitive on model 858, we can show you how to use it in less than 60 seconds

If you’re like us, sometimes a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words. Watch our 60-second video showing you step-by-step how easy Percussion Welder 726 Bench fixture is to operate.

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