What Is The Percussion Welder Actuator?

The Model 808 Percussion Welder Actuator is a solenoid specifically designed for percussion welding, with a low mass of the moving parts, allowing for the rapid acceleration of the weldment held in the moving wire holder. Rapid acceleration is crucial to producing clean and strong weld joints the instant the two dissimilar metals come into contact. With the operating voltage provided by the 858 Percussion Welder, the 808 Actuator delivers consistent acceleration, which results in a consistent and repeatable welding process, allowing it to form an efficient and crucial tool in production.

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The Percussion Welder Actuator is a unique component in the solution to micro welding challenges with its powerful and precise motion. It is designed for precision, reliability, and accuracy, making it the perfect tool for professionals who require accurate microwelds for dissimilar materials with no filler material and instantaneous welding times. The 808 Actuator is designed to be easy to use and maintain, with its simple design and low maintenance requirements.

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  • Overall Length – 5.07”
  • Mounting Plate dimensions – 1.38” X 1.38”
  • Stroke – 0.90”
  • Voltage – 0 to 150 VDC
  • Coil Resistance – 2 ohms
  • Speed – 0~ 33 inches/second (0~150 Volts)

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