MicroWelding Design

With the rise of micro welding technology and the introduction of the percussion welder, the design of various components, such as electronics, sensors, light bulbs, heating elements, and batteries, has become more precise, resulting in a higher level of effectiveness.

The increasing complexity of product designs has led to the growing popularity of the percussion welder, which allows for even more intricate designs and instantaneous welding speed. The Percussion Welder is able to handle delicate design applications with wire diameters and joint surfaces as small as 0.005 inches. Its versatility has made the micro-welding process highly valuable in various industries worldwide.

Welding Process

Percussion Welding

Percussion welding has revolutionized the joining of previously difficult to weld or even un-weldable metals. This has expanded the design possibilities by allowing for connections and consistent micro – joints that were once impossible to achieve.

The Percussion Welder has provided for improvements in many micro welding applications, such as sensors, which are often small and delicate, as well as electronics, medical devices, automotive equipment, heating elements, and more. Percussion welding has significantly impacted engineering and continues to shape the industry as new avenues for efficient production and consistent welds are discovered.

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