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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to automate the Percussion Welder process?

Absolutely! Percussion Welder can use the same materials handling systems that other micro-welders use to transport and place small components. Give us a call; we can share many examples where Percussion Welder was successfully automated.

How can I become proficient in using the Percussion Welder?

Percussion Welder is easy to learn and intuitive to operate, but we do offer training courses that are custom-tailored to your specific applications. We won’t waste your time teaching you anything you won’t use, but we will give you all the information you need to be 100% successful, now and in the future.

Can Percussion Welder be used to weld materials with insulated wires?

Yes, insulated wires are no match for Percussion Welder. You simply attach a ground clip to the opposite end of the insulated wire and you’re ready to go. No matter what your challenge, we’re always available to work with you and your team to help overcome micro-welding challenges.

Can stranded wires be welded in a butt weld orientation?

Yes, we do it all the time. Because of the low impact force required, Percussion Welder is able to join materials with very low columnar strength.

What size range of materials can Percussion Welder weld?

Most Percussion Welder applications involve one material with a diameter of .050” or less. The other material can be of equal size, smaller or larger. For example, you can butt weld two 18 AWG-stranded copper wires together, or butt weld an 18 AWG-stranded copper wire directly to a plate of stainless steel. Total design freedom.

What equipment is necessary to operate the Percussion Welder?

You get everything you need to hit the ground running with Percussion Welder. The standard system includes two primary components, the 858 Percussion Welder and the 726 Bench Fixture. Because every project is different, we often work with our clients to create custom wire holders or jigs to accommodate unique part shapes.

Can you tell me if Percussion Welder will work with my materials?

We would love to talk to you about your specific applications! In fact, we’ll arrange a live, in-person test with your materials in our lab so that you can see how it works for yourself, why it’s so different, and what it could mean for your designs.

Is Percussion Welding The Same As Microwelding?

This all depends on the product, project and metals combined. Microwelding and percussion welding have a lot of similar things that they do but percussion welding allows for more bonding between different metals and sizes.

Let’s Talk About Your Next Micro-welding Project

Consider all the compromises you’re making on a current design, from materials to orientation, and let’s talk about how Percussion Welder can help you overcome historical limitations. We’re forging a new era in micro-welding.

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