Micro Welding Services For Heater Elements

Percussion Welder provides an exceptional solution for micro welding heater elements, ensuring strong and precise welds without damaging delicate materials. Our advanced technology allows for the seamless joining of metals like copper, kanthal, and stainless steel, resulting in durable and efficient heater elements that meet the highest industry standards.

The Percussion Welder Solution to Heater Elements Welding

To address this issue, Percussion Welder has created a micro welding solution that is designed to quickly, precisely, and accurately micro weld with popular types of metals such as copper, kanthal, and stainless steel, to name a few. Our system allows you to weld similar or dissimilar materials using a controlled welding process that produces superior-quality butt welds.

The welds are strong, and due to the percussion welding process, they do not require cleanup after the weld, as found with some traditional heater element welding techniques. The controlled gap, electrical arc, and percussion during the process combine the molten material to the bond, producing a complete weld around the piece in its exact positioning without using any filler metal or material. Due to its brief heating duration, typically under 3 milliseconds, the impact of heat affected zone (HAZ) is kept to a minimum, resulting in negligible or no detrimental impact on the materials.

Percussion Welder technology results in a near-zero resistance joint that can be used on any heater metals. The welds are uniform and with our Percussion Welder Monitor, each weld can be verified as good/no good as part of overall quality control standards.

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The Benefits of Percussion Welder for Welding Heater Elements

High-quality heating elements are essential for many manufacturing processes, and the challenge of attaching them securely can be complex. Fortunately, Percussion Welder offers an efficient solution to this task. With our unique technology, micro welders can heat and connect even the most delicate of wires quickly and easily. Due to its brief heating duration, typically under 3 milliseconds, the impact zone of heat (HAZ) is kept to a minimum, resulting in negligible or no detrimental impact on the materials.

Using Percussion Welder for heater elements assembly welding results in welds that are streamlined and are no larger than the diameter of the lead. Our team works closely with each client to create a custom solution for micro welding heater elements that fully integrate with your production, automation, or manual welding requirements.

Percussion Welder has taken micro welding one step further by providing expert consulting services to its customers. If you’re looking to bring precision energy control and reliability into your product, our experts are available. Contact us today if you are interested in upgrading your current heater element welding equipment to our Percussion Welder system. We are also available to answer your questions through our online contact form. With the help of our innovative micro welders, rest assured knowing you’ve secured reliable, precise energy control while keeping up with industry standards.

Precision Welding for Various Metals

Percussion Welder is the ideal solution for welding heater elements, providing exceptional welding between similar or dissimilar metals with near-zero electrical resistance. Our system is designed to handle popular metals such as copper, Kanthal, and stainless steel, ensuring strong and precise butt welds that meet the rigorous demands of the application.

Minimal Cleanup Required

Due to the controlled welding process, the welds produced by Percussion Welder do not require additional cleanup, unlike some traditional welding techniques. This saves time and enhances production efficiency.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

Our welding technology reduces material waste and eliminates the need for consumables, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Superior Welding Process

Our micro welding solution addresses the challenges of heater element welding by combining a controlled gap, electrical arc, and percussion to produce complete and accurate welds. This process eliminates the need for filler metals and results in minimal heat-affected zones (HAZ), typically under 3 milliseconds, preserving the integrity of the materials.

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