Even though micro welding is one of the most demanding forms of joining metals, its results are precise and clean. Micro welding is a difficult process due to the miniature size of the metals that requires the welder to control energy output and be steady with tools. Percussion welding is one form of micro welding, the following is a simple breakdown of how our Percussion Welder works when joining metals.

MTI Micro Welding’s Percussion Welder: How It Works

The Percussion Welder joins components smaller than the ones in average welding processes with parts as small as .003 inches. Considering the high precision levels required, this process may require microscopes to view the tiny metals that require welding. Here’s how it works:

Our welding technology can handle your dissimilar materials

Percussion micro – welding is a viable method for joining different metals. They include but are not limited to the following;

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Percussion Welder helps engineers achieve strong micro-joints for various uses. The adaptability of the percussive welding process to various materials makes it a versatile option for numerous industries.

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