Percussion Welding:

The Key to Precise and Safe Manufacturing

Percussion welding is a versatile and reliable method for joining dissimilar metals in a variety of industries. With its ability to create strong welds from dissimilar materials, it’s perfect for creating items such as batteries, heating elements, electronics, sensors, and lighting, which are all widely used in various industries, including the automotive industry, aerospace industry, medical industry, and electronic industry.

In the aerospace industry, precision is critical to ensuring the safety of passengers and crew. With percussion micro – welding, aerospace engineers can create a variety of components that are crucial to the aircraft’s performance with varying welding solutions.

Percussion Welder System
858 Front Panel
Medical Device Welding
Percussion Welder


Safety is also a major concern in the automotive industry, which is why joint strength and percussion welding processes are essential. Percussion welding is used to produce high-quality welds in everything from light bulbs to digital dashboards and sensors that control automatic lights and windshield wipers.
Percussion welding is also used in the manufacturing of medical devices, from surgical tools to monitors that keep patients alive. The accuracy of this type of micro welding is vital for ensuring that these devices function properly and safely.

Please contact us to learn more about how our percussion welding technology can help you create precise and safe products for your industry. With Percussion Welder, you can forge innovation without compromising on delicate design applications.

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