Percussion Welding: A Solution for Medical Equipment and Devices

One of the significant advantages of the percussion welding process is its speed and efficiency. The process is quick, making it a great choice for mass production and high-volume applications. Additionally, the process is controllable, allowing for precise and consistent welding results.
Medical Welding Equipment

Manufacturing medical equipment and devices presents a significant challenge when using dissimilar metals. Resistance and laser welding have been the traditional methods, but percussion welding is rapidly becoming a popular alternative.

What is Percussion Welding?

Percussion welding is a type of micro-welding process that joins dissimilar metals by releasing a quick electrical discharge that creates a high-temperature arc, followed by a high-pressure application that holds the materials together. This results in a clean, strong weld that is ideal for medical device welding.

Percussion Welding for Medical Equipment

Medical device manufacturers require precise and customized welding solutions to achieve unique geometry and clean welds without filler material. Percussion welding is ideal for welding thin materials and wires commonly found in medical equipment and devices, providing process control and precise part designs.

Why Use Percussion Welding for Medical Equipment?

Quick Welding of Dissimilar Metals: Percussion welding is a fast solution for joining dissimilar materials, providing precise welds in less than two milliseconds.

Clean Strong Welds: This welding process does not require filler material, resulting in clean and strong welds that ensure the proper functionality of medical devices.

Minimal Contamination: Percussion welding does not use any gas, electrodes, or release any waste, preserving the original quality of the metals and reducing contamination.

Percussion welding offers precision and reliability when welding even the smallest parts, making it a valuable solution for medical device designs. Contact us today to learn if it is the right solution for your welding challenge.

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