The Percussion Welding System

We offer a complete Percussion Welding System to our customer base at MTI MicroWelding to assist with your microjoining needs, including the 858 Percussion Welder, the Percussion Weld Monitor, and the Model 726 Bench Fixture. Our powerful welding solution can be used for a wide range of applications, ensuring precision and speed every time.

The 858 Percussion Welder front panel is designed to make micro welding simple. Users can set it up and complete welds in minimal time. This product is incredibly accurate and is easily adjusted for accurate metal joining of dissimilar materials. You can complete complex welds without reducing the hardness of the metal, increasing resistance, or introducing incompatible material.


The Standard Percussion Welder System

The standard Percussion Welder system includes two main components, the 858 Percussion Welder, and the model 726 Bench Fixture. The 726 Bench Fixture is the “weld head” of the MTI Percussion Welder system. When the model 726 Bench Fixture is used alongside the 858 Percussion Welder, the combined system will produce some of the most consistent, reliable weld joints available in the industry. It can be adjusted on the X, Y, and Z axis to make precise adjustments and is simply operated with an initiation switch to make the weld.

Percussion Welder System

MTI MicroWelding

MTI MicroWelding also provides the Percussion Weld Monitor that provides waveform analysis to aid in the development of delicate weld settings, can aid in setting up welds for particular products, evaluate production welds, and collect data to meet your QC requirements.

These accurate welds created by this Percussion Welding System are infinitely useful for various companies within the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, and the medical industry, helping to make countless products that cannot be made more accurately or with quicker actual weld time than any other method.

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