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Mti Microwelding Quality Policy And Documents Providing A Higher Standard

MTI MicroWelding is committed to delivering quality Percussion Welders and services to meet or exceed client expectations and focusing on continuous improvement in our processes. We accomplish this by monitoring our performance against our established objectives, identifying areas where we can improve our processes, and through management commitment and employee training.

Operation So Simple And Intuitive

Watch this video doing a pull test.A common joining requirement in today’s small medical devices is to join a stranded copper wire onto a stainless steel device. These may be critical welds; we can test joint integrity with a pull test. The pull test shows it breaking just at about 10 lbs. Extremely strong! We would love to hear how this applies to you as well? 

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No matter what your micro-welding challenge is, the Percussion Welder team at MTI Microwelding is available to offer guidance, answer questions, and even run live, in-person tests using our equipment.

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After exploring the advantages of percussion welding for small components, are you eager to see how it could benefit your specific application? Schedule a 15-minute consultation with our experts to discuss your project and explore the possibilities!