Some of the most common types of micro welding widely used in the manufacturing industry are resistance welding and percussion welding. The two approaches are used in manufacturing to create strong and permanent welds between two metals. The two approaches are independently applied depending on the properties of the materials that you intend to join.

Resistance Welding

Resistance welding is a welding process that uses heat generated by the resistance of workpieces to form a weld joint. This process involves passing an electric current through the two workpieces, bringing them to melting temperature and forming a weld without the need for additional filler materials.

Percussion Welding

Percussion welding uses a low force, high-velocity impact and a rapid discharge of energy to join two similar or dissimilar metals without the use of filler material. Percussion welding works well with materials with both high and low electrical resistance, including steel, aluminium and copper and is commonly used to join both similar and dissimilar metals.

Which Method is Better?

When comparing resistance and percussion welding for low columnar strength materials, it’s important to consider a number of factors. Resistance welding can lead to deformation or damage of the welded material when used with materials of low columnar strength, such as butt welding of a small wire to a pin, a plate, or another wire.. In contrast, percussion welding uses low force, with a lower likelihood of causing damage to the material. Additionally, percussion welding typically results in a stronger and more reliable weld than resistance welding. While percussion welding may be more expensive than resistance welding in some cases, the benefits in terms of quality and strength often make it a more practical choice for low columnar strength materials. Ultimately, the decision of which technique to use will depend on the specific requirements of the application, as well as the equipment and expertise available.

Generally, many specific properties determine when you will choose the best micro welding technique for low columnar strength material. However, it might be important to use specialized equipment, such as the Percussion Welder system, to ensure that the wires will perfectly join, and the weld will be durable, with a minimal Heat-Affected Zone.

Depending on what materials and scope you are working with, both Percussion Welding and Resistance Welding are strong solutions, however, Percussion Welding excels for materials with low columnar strength. Contact us today to discuss your specific microwelding application.

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