Redefining the cutting-edge of micro-welding.

Percussion Welder is being used in some of the most complex, delicate design applications, cross-industry and around the world.

Spanning nearly every industry and micro-welding application, designers and engineers are discovering that they can now weld what they couldn’t weld before, in ways they never imagined it could be done. Percussion Welder can help optimize design, performance and efficiency in nearly any micro-welding situation.

Percussion Welder Applications

One of the biggest micro-weld challenges in battery design and manufacturing is the need to join dissimilar metals, which often results in design modifications and inefficient workarounds that impact design integrity and battery performance. Percussion Welder joins dissimilar metals in the most efficient way possible, without using any filler materials, resulting in a weld that provides the structural and electrical integrity necessary for maximum battery performance.

Manufacturers are increasingly using sensors in everything from appliances and automotive to the medical industries. Sensors pose a set of challenges that Percussion Welder was specifically designed to overcome, by easily and quickly creating strong, reliable, low resistance welds between dissimilar metals without the need for consumable materials like solder or flux. Clean, efficient, and effective.

Heating Elements
Heating elements represent a unique challenge from both a design and manufacturing perspective. They often require that copper leads be joined to heater elements in a butt weld configuration, which creates all sorts of complications. Percussion Welder represents the perfect solution by creating strong, near-zero resistance joints that take up no more space than the diameter of material.

Percussion Welder is ideally suited for light bulb manufacturing. It easily and quickly joins dissimilar metals, forging welds that are able to withstand extreme environmental conditions, shock and vibration. And with Percussion Welder, impurities are expelled from the weld area so that the joint contains no filler, only pure weldment materials, giving you the most electrically efficient weld possible.

Resistors, diodes, sensors and many other components need to be joined, which can prove challenging for a variety of reasons—they require low resistance, high reliability, they’re surrounded by other heat-sensitive components, and they’re almost always made of dissimilar materials. Percussion Welder represents the perfect solution for electronics design and manufacturing, providing clean, strong welds where other tools fail.

We can help optimize your design, too.

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