Why It’s Different

Unprecedented, Virtually
Unlimited Design Freedom

Percussion welding equipment empowers you to join difficult to weld material combinations together, in orientations previously considered impossible.

Percussion welding uses heat and percussive force to create metallic bonds, literally fusing two materials into one. Percussion Welder empowers some of the world’s leading companies with this simple, yet highly effective metal joining technique to create today’s most innovative, cutting-edge technology designs.

About Us

What Makes Percussion Welder Different?

About Us
Why It’s Different

Forge Strong Welds Between Dissimilar Metals In Less Than Time Than It Takes To Blink.

Seriously fast and seriously strong, the entire Percussion Welder forge welding action takes less than 2 milliseconds from beginning to end. It takes 400 milliseconds to blink. You do the math.

Medical Device Welding
Why It’s Different

No Electrodes To Wear Out, No Consumables To Purchase, Reduced Material Waste And Low Power Consumption.

Percussion welding equipment is friendly to designers and to the environment. Less waste, fewer expenses, and optimal efficiency are good for everyone involved.

What It Does
Why It’s Different

More Options Mean Greater Design Possibilities And Fewer Limitations.

Enjoy stronger welds that take up less space and preserve all the conductive properties of the original metals.

Why It’s Different

There’s No Filler Material Needed, No Solder Or Flux Necessary Means Strong, Clean Welds.

Our welds are also more resistant to shock and vibration for nearly any application.

See The Difference For Yourself. Get Hands-On Experience And Put Percussion Welding Equipment To The Test.

Let’s find a time for you to come in and actually get your hands dirty. Bring in your most challenging current project or we have a wide range of metals we can experiment with. Let us show you what Percussion Welder can do.
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No matter what your micro-welding challenge is, the Percussion Welder team at MTI Microwelding is available to offer guidance, answer questions, and even run live, in-person tests using our equipment.

See Potential? Let's Discuss Your Application

After exploring the advantages of percussion welding for small components, are you eager to see how it could benefit your specific application? Schedule a 15-minute consultation with our experts to discuss your project and explore the possibilities!